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EuroStoxx 50:
by Jean-Pierre Xiao-Min Wang, PhD

Global peace index 2014: every country ranked
by Mohamed Laxana, Available for Employment

Was S&P 500 likely prone to post-Yellen weakness prior to airliner tragedy?
by Alan Rohrbach, President and Lead Analyst at Rohr International, Inc. International Capital Markets Consultancy

Soybeans Head for Longest Slump Since 1981 on Bumper Crop
by Mohamed Laxana, Available for Employment

S&P 500 : Timing
by Jean-Pierre Xiao-Min Wang, PhD

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Hong Kong: Risks and Challenges

In this paper the other side of the Hong Kong’s success as one of the leading global financial centers is being discussed: Hong Kong’s weaknesses, risks and challenges. One should read it for c...

The main discussion topics are:
* Hong Kong’s big and growing economic & financial dependence from Mainland China
* Big, foreign-controlled and structurally imbalanced financial secto...

30 Mar, 14 | Kristi Rohtsalu | Macro and Markets | Example

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